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NEWSFLASH - H.M.A. drops case against Kenneth Watt
The H.M.A., prosecuting on behalf of the British Recorded Music Industry have dropped their multi-million pound copyright / piracy case against Mr Kenneth Watt, who they accused of copying over a million MP3 tracks and Karaoke files.

The case was investigated, and a Report submitted by Darran Thomas of Forensic-PC, after which the H.M.A. gave up their year long investigation, and instead dropped their case.
This was to be a landmark case, but since the submission of my report, the H.M.A. and B.P.I. have decided to instead not to see through to trial.

Masters Degree (with Distinction) in Software Engineering
MCTS Certified by Microsoft.
Verified Member of the Academy of Experts
Verified Member of the Expert Witness Institute
Published Author
Certified Database Expert, Certified Programming Expert (most languages)
30 Years experience, Windows Expert, Linux Expert
Patent Holder, Anti Screenscraping and Device Fingerprinting Techniques

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We have not yet lost a case.

We specialise in proving breach of the Data Protection Act, Software Copyright and Intellectual Property Acts for Software and Data theft, Screen-Scraping, Document validation and authenticity, email tracing, Copyright Infringement, Intellectual Property (IP) theft, Patent infringement and all manner of data and program copying, development springboarding, and proving computer systems and source code as unfit for purpose. 

Our company has more first hand Web Scraping / Screen scraping experience than any other Expert in Europe.

Copyright and IPR
Has someone stolen your code or idea or documents and is using them?
Independent Experts in the examination, analysis, reporting and evidential conclusions as to the occurrence of breach of copyright and/or breach of Intellectual Property Rights within software or other digital media.

Fit for Purpose
Have you paid for someone to develop or enhance computer software for your organisation?  Have they failed in their duty?  Is it low quality or functionally incorrect?

Reverse Engineering
Many forms of compiled computer software can be reverse engineered (decompiled), and probative evidence can be (and has been, many times) uncovered, documented, examined and processed into a Court Report

Is your data being sold on other websites?
Our company has more first hand Web Scraping & Screen Scraping experience than any other Experts in Europe.
We are technically capable of demonstrating the many ways these processes are carried out, and the business and technical affects it has on the victims websites.

Business Document and Email Validation
Do you suspect that documents have been tampered with?
Do you suspect someone may have changed your spreadsheets, letters, projects, database, emails or any digital documents of any sort?
Do you need someone to officially document, authenticate, trace, verify or validate your digital evidence?

Source Code Comparisons
Has an ex employee began to sell your Source Code, or used your Source Code to springboard 'their' own product to market?
We are experienced Experts in the analysis and comparison of software, and investigating copyright and IPR breaches.  Software source code comparisons can be made an interpreted in any computer language.


What is an Expert Witness?

Expert Witness - someone who by their experience can offer a professional, unbiased opinion on a matter before the court, in language which can be easily understood by non experts.

The expert must be able to justify his or her professional opinion under cross examination.

IPR, Code Examination and Certified IT Expert Witness - Darran Thomas MCTS CITP MEWI MAE MIET

Having spent over 25 years in the computer business (mainly as a contracted troubleshooter and developer) I am quite used to evaluating evidence I find in systems.
  • Software Intellectual Property
  • Patent Infringement / Copyright Infringement
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Data Theft
  • Computer Software failure
  • Data Analytics

I present all facts and my professional opinions clearly and concisely in written reports, verbal communication and on the stand in Court.

Experience, Certification from Microsoft and the British Computer Society and of course proven success in this field qualifies me as an IT Expert Witness.


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